With visitor numbers growing each year, London has become one of the world’s most popular tourist venues. In 2013 tourist figures reached 16.8 million, with predictions for 2014 expected to surpass those. The list of ‘must sees’ for the would-be tourist is full of iconic monuments and places of interest, the newest of these being the London eye opened to the public in March 2000.

Other places of interest for the historically curious are:

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Nelson’s Column, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, to name but a few.

But perhaps high on the list of essential tourist attractions is Tower bridge. It was built between 1886 and 1894 and is so named due to its close proximity to the Tower of London. Tower bridge crosses the Thames on the A100 situated to the east of London bridge and runs alongside the tower of London on the north bank. The nearest crossing to the east of Tower bridge is the Rotherhithe tunnel continuing the A101.

london bridge